Reference Material

A highly recommendable English-language site on all kinds of literature. Besides an online encyclopaedia, dictionary, thesaurus and a section on "usage", is also host to innumerable texts, poems, stories, and essys, the King James Bible etc. All texts are captured in full, can be searched in their entirety and are directly linked with each other. Extremely useful!

Guide to Grammar and Writing

Guide to Grammar and Writing An interesting and useful American site on English grammar and usage.

Duden Online

All kinds of information on the German language can be found on this site hosted by Duden Verlag, Germany's best-known publisher of reference books, e.g. on German grammar or the new German spelling rules.

Das Wortschatzlexikon

A German-language thesaurus. Unfortunately, it does not offer word definitions, only synonyms and a few "statistics" on the word. This site also has the "words of the day", which are not simply chosen at random, but really are connected to current topicalities since several online news services are used for choosing the words. Further features of the site are an anagram search, a connotational search for adjectives and verbs fitting well with certain nouns and several useful tools offered up for downloading.

Wikipedia Deutsch

The German version of Wikipedia.

Wikipedia Englisch

This is the English version of Wikipedia, an enormous free encyclopedia that was begun in 2001 and which is continuously growing


Acronyms are abbreviations made up of the initials of their component words, e.g. NATO = North Atlantic Treaty Organization. On this Web site, you can enter acronyms and find existing full names for them, or vice versa, with various search options.


A large number of useful aids on the subject of chemistry, e. g. signs and symbols, the periodic table, a conversion tool and an acronym database.

The Biographical Dictionary

An English-language page on famous persons.

Bibel Online

The complete German text of Luther's Bible, searchable by various parameters. Very useful if one comes across bible quotations when translating.

King James Bible

A searchable online version of the King James Bible.

Encyclopaedia Mythica

A highly interesting, English-language lexicon on all kinds of mythologies

Encyclopaedia Britannica

The largest part of the Encyclopaedia Britannica is for paying subscribers only, but part of the Web site can be accessed for free.

Brockhaus Online

As with the Encyclopaedia Britannica page, this Web site's content is mostly for subscribers only, but there is also a freely accessible section.

Fischer Weltalmanach

This German-language site holds interesting articles, statistics and information on all kinds of topics.

Das QM-Lexikon

An extensive German-language glossary on quality assurance and quality management.

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