Specialist Dictionaries


The European Union's official terminology database

Glossar der Jugendsprache

This "Glossary of Young People's Language" is a monolingual German dictionary on young people's language and slang.


A monolingual English dictionary on IT and Internet terms


A monolingual German-language dictionary on IT, Internet, and eCommerce terms.


A multilingual dictionary (English/German/French) on IT terms. Unfortunately, its database is not very comprehensive yet, but can be expanded by its users.

Law Dictionary

An English-language dictionary of legal terms.

ArtLex Art Dictionary

An English-language dictionary on everything to do with the arts, graphics, and design.


A bilingual (German/English) dictionary on archive and library terms.

Water Dictionary

An English-German dictionary on the topic of water and hydrography as well as a monolingual German glossary of terms and abbreviations

Mathematical Dictionary

A bilingual (German/English, English/German) dictionary which goes well beyond simple mathematical terms; instead, it also contains technical terms from, e.g., linear algebra and analysis.


A bilingual dictionary on the subject of film and TV.

Pons Online

Under the heading of "Sprache Aktiv" you will find a general dictionary for English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian as well as bilingual glossaries on European law, the European Union, the Internet, Office terms, and football/soccer, and model correspondence in English, French, Italian and Spanish. Additionally, the site includes e-cards and "Wörter-Szene Aktuell", which deals with current language developments.

Siemens Communications Lexikon

This lexicon contains a glossary explaining some 6,000 IT and communications terms. The entries are cross-referenced, some of them containing pictures or graphs. In addition, there is a list of the most common (and some not-so-common) abbreviations used in the IT sector and a German-English/ English-German dictionary of technical terms.

FOCUS Marketing Dictionary

A bilingual dictionary containing some 40,000 terms from the field of marketing. The dictionary was created for FOCUS magazine and receives regular updates. The user interface unfortunately is in German only, but the text boxes are self-explanatory really.

The UBS Dictionary of Banking

This Web site, hosted by UBS, one of Switzerland's largest and best-known commercial banks, is a marvel. Not only does it offer translations of banking terms in four languages (English, German, French, and Italian), but it also features an explanation of the selected term in the chosen language. By giving the three translations to a term in the top line and the definition in the passage below, one knows exactly where one has to look to find the explanation for the same term in another language. Even though the terms and definitions were last updated in 2001, which is why some terms may be out of date and new terms will not be included, this dictionary is extremely useful!

American Business Jargon Dictionary

Idiomatic business expressions from "above board" to "zip", "zilch", and "zombie bonds".

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