Experience and Areas of Expertise

Our team, which has been active in the market for nearly 10 years now, has gained experience in various fields.

So far, our main areas of activity have been on the following subjects:

economics, banking, general meetings and analysts' conferences, marketing, hair care industry, aviation industry, lubricant industry, automotive industry, software, law, medicine, entertainment industry, media, politics, education policy, labour market and social policy.

High-profile individual events covered by our team were, among others:

World Bank Forum 2003, SupplyChain World 2003, Burda Health Congress 2004, Ludwigshafen Talks 2004 and 2005.

The list detailing our areas of expertise, however, expands continuously, since interpreters constantly come into contact with new topics in the course of their career. Therefore, professional interpreters must be able to quickly acquaint themselves with new fields in the run-up to an event. This groundwork also includes the creation of technical glossaries, for instance.

We will also be glad to extensively prepare your specific event. This task is made much easier for us if you provide us with preparatory materials beforehand, such as the conference agenda, PowerPoint presentations intended to be shown at the meeting, speech manuscripts, financial reports, company brochures etc., ideally in more than one language.

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